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Industrial Electrical Works

We offer one stop solution for Industrial Electrical work, ELV system, upgrading of electrical supply and replacement of MSB, EMSB, ACMSB, cabling works, detail shut down procedure planning, careful study of all the impact and dual source feeding to our customer based on their requirement, specification within the specify time frame.

Our team of engineers will study the individual clients' load requirement for the temporary Generator set, calculate, load trending, analyze the loading maximum demand, current spike, voltage spike etc and duration, changeover timing and offer one-stop solution for all design of circuit breakers, protection circuits, cabling to the switchboard, Sub switch board, electrical panels, Distribution network

Industrial Electrical works service includes:

  • Industrial Factories.
  • Warehouse.
  • Dialux Lighting design with the IES file from various vendors ,installation according to the design parameter, spacing & height to achieve the intended Lux level.
  • Electrical Main Switchbaord design, Sub Bd, DB design and circuit breaker sizing, cable sizing using Ecodial, Vipcoda software, Power distribution design and installations.
  • Extra Low Voltage (ELV) system design and installation.
Liaise with building LEW, submit CS1, CS7, CS5, ASRE, LOA, COC, COR, SOTO form, installation Licensing and LEW services for ID Renovation, Addition and Alteration electrical supply upgrading work.