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Our services

A&A Electrical

Design and calculation of :

Max load demand, 

Proper sizing of circuit breaker

Over current, Earth Fault, Earth leakage calculation, discrimination, setting, sealing

One Stop A&A Electrical System installation:

Based on customer's requirements, specifics and time frame

Additional and Alteration service includes:

  • Dialux Lighting design with the IES file from various vendors ,installation according to the design parameter, spacing & height to achieve the intended Lux level
  • Electrical Main Switchbaord design, Sub Bd, DB design and circuit breaker sizing, cable sizing using Ecodial, Vipcoda software, Power distribution design and installations.
  • Extra Low Voltage (ELV) system design and installation.

Liaise with building LEW, submit CS1, CS7, CS5, ASRE, LOA, COC, COR, SOTO form, installation Licensing and LEW services for ID Renovation, Addition and Alteration electrical supply upgrading work.


We design, calculate the maximum load demand , proper sizing of circuit brakers ,protection for earth leakage, over current discrimination and offer a one-stop solution