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Beng Beng Electrical Contractor was first established as a Kampong-style contractor, providing electrical wiring installation & water piping installation services. It was a small utility company & also an operator of a small generator which supplied electricity for the households in Jurong remote area during the 1970s.

During the early 1970s, national electrical transmission and distribution grid was not established in many remote areas of Singapore. Many houses were not connected to the Power Utilities Board (PUB) yet. The source of electricity at that time was powered by private operators. Every night, Beng Beng Electrical Contractor supplied electricity to the households from 7.00p.m till 12.00a.m midnight and charged them a token of a small fee.

In the late 1970s -1990s, Jurong town transformed into a modern industrial estate with rows of modern factories, owned by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC). With the dwellers shrinking in population, kampong houses were resettled and electrical demand grew exponentially. Electrical services were then needed in many areas.

As new opportunities emerged, Beng Beng Electrical Pte Ltd was incorporated, in 1989. It was registered under CIDB for L1 financial category and upgraded in several steps to L2, L3, L4 and L5 from 1990-1995. Finally, we achieve the highest category of L6 in the year 2015.  Over the years, Beng Beng Electrical Pte Ltd has completed many electrical projects in various parts of Singapore.

From 1997-2005, Beng Beng Electrical Pte Ltd expanded rapidly, completing many schools, institutions & public-tendered projects with Electrical, ACMV, ELV systems, Structured cable and Integrated services.

Since 2005 till date, Beng Beng Electrical Pte Ltd has completed numerous integrated M & E installations in Data Centres, Modern Offices, Industries, Commercial centers, Biopolis, Restaurants, Central Kitchens, Food Courts, Retail outlets, Pubs, Bars, Hotels with our allied partners & suppliers.

With over 42 years of engineering experience, Beng Beng Electrical Pte Ltd has established itself and has evolved into a reputable and reliable Electrical, ELV contractor and Integrated M&E solution provider.

Today, we offer a one-stop full range solution for M&E projects in Singapore.

We have registered with BCA for ME15 M&E integrated services for the unlimited financial grade of L6 in 2017.